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Hi and thank you for joining me on my journey around the world!


I'm C'Nee Miller a writer, graphic designer and content creator. I love to travel and I sponsor all of my own trips, from hotel, flights to all excursions, activities and products. You can trust if I give my stamp of approval that it's authentic.


I'm funny (sometimes), factual and my opinions are my own. I welcome constructive feedback and want to create a space for like minded people to share their thoughts and help me grow as a writer, designer and creator. 

I do love to support small (especially women minority) businesses, and if you want to collaborate, please reach out to me via email. Let me be clear, I do not work for free. I create and manage my ALL my own content so if you see an error or have a suggestion on how I can improve something, please let me know.



Instagram @nomesgoesglobal3

Facebook Group: Expat Chat (weekly LIVE chats to help those seeking to travel and live internationally)

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